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As well as being listed by category, pages are listed in the site index. But sometimes pages form a cluster, and this becomes a "Feature". There are various clusters of pages big enough to be termed "a feature" at this site. here are a few of them...

Prototype Shopping Portal

All kinds of useful info and advice about the telephone.

Lottery Numbers Book
How to choose your Lotto Numbers!

Hard Disc Drive
Hard disc drive recovery, hard disc drive philosophy, various disc drive related items.

Similarly for the videotape machine, a variety of useful and somewhat odd ideas.

Alternative Market
Places like Camden Market, Afflecks Palace, etc

Photo Gallery
Photographs, pictures, images.

Junkmail sent as email messages. The present-day phenomenon examined from various aspects.

Speakers and Stuff
Audio-related stuff. Things you can do with speakers, microphones, etc. DIY electrics.

Rogues Gallery
Various things to watch out for in email. Hoaxes, viruses, scams. Be forewarned and save yourself a lot of trouble!

Affiliate Programs
How to get paid for helping to advertise companies at your website.

Satellite TV
The multiplicity of satellite and digital tv.

The Alternative Name Registration Project.

An unusual perspective on the Dreaded Diabetes

A variety of common misconceptions and how to avoid them.

Lucky Pages
A variety of pages that have at some time done well by appearing in results!

Shareware Inventions
A collection of strange ideas.

How to avoid paying so much tax. List of tax havens. Financial planning. Most notably the list of Tax Havens. It's a basic guide to fiscal escapology.

Coeliac (wheat-free) stuff. Gluten-free diet.

A feature on the basis of the Good Guides such as the Good Hotel Guide, the Good Affiliate Company Guide, the Good e-mail guide and the Website Design Guide.

The insurance category was upgraded to being a feature in August 2005 after multiple specific types of insurance required separate pages in addition to the main category. In addition to obvious types of available insurance, there are also philosophical notions of insurance-based things which are written up to show ways of thinking in real terms about this subject which previously had a rather mundane reputation.

Watchdog of Watchdogs
Some watchdogs are faithful best friends, whereas some are more like scurrilous hounds and not exactly a howling success, and some have both types of doggy behaviour. It's about time some of them were brought onto a closer leash and were more accountable to the people they are supposed to defend. So, the feature "Watchdog of Watchdogs" was created!

Jurys Doyle
Curious as it may seem, the inclusion of the list of Jurys Doyle Hotels has made this famous Irish hotel chain into a FEATURE at Zyra's website, considering the way the pages about the hotels link to and from other pages.

Beautiful country. I was going to move there until I did my research on location and found out some terrible things about the place!

Famous for hats and the canal, and for being a tax haven. There's a lot more to it, and it gets very interesting.

Tale of the Lizard
The iguana takes evasive action by jumping into the pool, and then Zyra goes in after it. It's just a crazy story.

The phone company British Telecom has now so many pages about different aspects of it at this site that it's been promoted to being a FEATURE!

Global Positioning Systems and Satellite Navigation.

X10 Wireless Technology
The Home Automation specialist company in the USA have also acquired "FEATURE" status at Zyra International NET by providing plenty of write-up!

Bird's Nest
Wildlife Photography. British birds, on a nest, in close-up.

Down with Facebook
As surely as there's a feature on Spam and a feature on Scams, Facebook now joins the set of evils of our time, and there's a whole section of defeating this deplorable imposition upon the Internet. Social Networking in general comes in for considerable criticism, but Facebook is especially bad on account of the no-privacy aspect.

Google Problem
In 2012, Google made a set of mistakes which have produced knock-on effects. These are explained and demonstrated at length here! This goes on at some length because of the grievousness of the problem. See the List of Pages on this feature.

Following the disaster in which Google search quality became so bad that Real Content websites such as Zyra's website were dropped in favour of spamlike nonsense with silly adverts on Google, Zyra's website resorted to having a banner advertising campaign using silly adverts to promote Zyra's website! The Welcome Feature was created so people coming in from the banner advertising campaign could be introduced gently to the idea of this weird website rather than being confused and baffled because of the crazy front page where it's just not normal!

Most of the pages at this website are not part of a Feature, but all are listed in the alphabetic list which can be seen as a full list and also as encyclopaedia volumes

Any set of links or group of things on a page can be a Category, but typically a Category is a central hub linking to a group of pages which all link back to the hub. A Feature is more than that, in that the pages within the group link to each other to some extent. However, when deciding if any particular set of pages qualifies as a Feature, the amount of content is taken into account as well as the interlinkedness of that prospective Feature. Some of the Features at this site are big enough to stand alone as sites in their own right.