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Lucky Pages

These pages have proven Lucky by being Found

Here are a few examples of pages at Zyra's website that have been fortunate and been well-favoured in searches.

Video Tapes Can be Mended

Cheer Me Up

Chicken Hypnosis - you too can be a chicken hypnotist

Logarithms Explained - the conjuring trick of logs explained
This page does well, but not as well as it deserves. Unlike many pages about logarithms this page explains them to people who don't already know.

Frequency to Wavelength Conversion - and wavelength to frequency

What to Do with Scrap Cars

Skirts for men

Aluminium - the metal and some useful contacts

Car Accessories USA

Pictures of Cats - a long time ago this did some good.

Get a Bank Account

Hair Dye - vivid colours

How I Got My Data Back - a story of data recovery

How to Change Your Internet Browser Homepage

Why Do Clocks Go Round Clockwise?

Presents should be Fun - birthday presents, xmas presents, should bring joy

Why Do You Never See Baby Pigeons - the mystery explained

Liquid Metal Mercury - including images

What to Do with Scrap Cars - one of the early Lucky Pages

Tale of the Lizard - including images

Black Vulture - more Panamanian wildlife

Bookies - There was a short period where this did spectacularly well.

Vonage Customer Testimonial - Well Done to Google for correctly recognising a good page!

How to Catch a Bird - interesting how this does well

Which way does water go down the plughole

Spiders are Good

How many characters in a Book

To be on this page, a page at Zyra's site(s) has to be presently or at some previous time doing quite well in a search somewhere or other. This is always judged in terms of how Lucky that is, for example "Aluminium" appearing 3rd in the world is considered more "lucky" in relative terms than "videotapes can be mended" as there are many aluminium websites, but very few about video tape repair! It's also interesting to see "Get a Bank Account" appearing ahead of the banks!

For other lucky things, see gambling and casinos and the National Lottery

There are others, and of course tastes and fortunes vary, and every now and then a page strikes it lucky! Some merchants have struck it lucky here, for example Ladbrokes , Argos , Dyson , Laskys , World Vision , Maplin , Parent Giving Store USA , and many others. Their dedicated affiliate pages have done well. I think they do especially well when there are additional pages of content that connect them up. Some categories do well too, for example Shopping Catalogues