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Car Accessories USA
Automobile Parts supplies in the United States

Zyra's page of places where you can get Car Accessories has been around a while, and the original international list of supplies was at the old page of Car Accessories

Auto Parts Warehouse - millions of parts
You can also visit Phone Auto Parts Warehouse

DecalDriveway.com - UV stable Decals/Graphics for your car

GearHead Cafe - US car workshop manuals and more!

Tires Easy - some quality rubber

Wheel and Tire Financing - get some new rims and tires


Auto Barn


J C Whitney

Momo Automotive Accessories

Autopia Car Care

Creative Car Audio


Optima Batteries


123 Auto Parts

Advanced Rust Protection

Bully Dog

Hedman Performance

Automotive Concepts

National Trailer Supply

All Data DIY - Your one stop source for diagnosing and repairing automobiles

Sparco Motor Sports

Restore Mustangs

Stacks and Stacks - shacking and shelving solutions in San Francisco

Tire Rack

Truck Stuff USA - Yes! They do actually sell car parts as well!!

Andy's Auto Sport

Specialty Auto Source

Auto Geek - putting a showroom finish on your car

Vivid Racing - high performance rally gear on the road

Parts America - has this gone?

Cost Plus Tools


Street Side Auto

Phantom Alert

Smittybilt Depot

Horsepower Freaks

Advance Auto Parts

MSD Ignition

Diesel Secret Energy

TH Motorsports

Vin Audit


Auto Parts Nerd

Performance 4 Trucks

Shadow Industries

Discount Tire

Morris 4X4 Center

Classic Motoring Accessories

Genesis Auto Parts

JL Audio Mobile

Jeep Parts - 4 wheel drive hardware - has this gone?

Classic car parts: RestoreClassics - has this gone?

MP3 for your classic: Audio Retro

A J Prindle - PRND21 - has this gone?

Hubcaps.com - Are you missing a hubcap? This site has 100's of new and used hubcaps, center caps, and wheel covers for you to peruse. Enjoy a safe and secure online ordering system.

Other useful stuff:

Sat-nav crime prevention - how to avoid being victim to a crime so easily (satellite navigation shouldn't be an accessory to a crime!)

Starting Handles - a good idea - could be a revival!

Then there's the question of Cellphones, which are much safer with a hands-free kit, which you can get!

I wonder if the famous satellite navigation company Garmin will have a US program to match their UK program.

The English language has changed differently in the United States and Britain, but the divergence of language seems to have occurred more in matters of an automotive nature than in other things. If you think about when cars were invented, after the Boston Tea Party but before widespread international communication through movies and the Internet, it makes some sense. Here are a few examples of car-related terms which have evolved differently in British English and American English:

UK US description
Bonnet Hood a type of liftable LID over the engine, usually at the front of the vehicle
Windscreen Windshield a tough transparent glass at the front, through which the driver and passengers can see out in a front-facing direction
Mudguard /
Fender any type of wheel surround, regardless of whether intentionally travelling on tarmac roads or on dirt
Boot Trunk compartment at the rear of the vehicle, used for carrying baggage, (or bodies, in movies)
Petrol Gas /
a highly-inflammable fuel which was available before OIL ran out and alternative fuels had to be found
Tyre Tire air-filled rubber things round wheels, to help make roads seem less rough
Rear Door Tailgate any kind of aft-facing portal
Gearstick Gearshift /
a control lever for changing gear, usually to be operated by whichever hand is nearest the middle of the car
Caravan Trailer a compact house in a box, for towing, as a means of accommodation that's not fixed to a location
Lorry Truck large road freight vehicle
(although "Lorry" is always HGV, a "Truck" can mean anything from a pickup to an 18-wheeler).

Extra words to add to this translation dictionary will be welcome! e-mail