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Phantom Alert

Phantom Alert

Drivers Helping Drivers

It's time for motorists to fight back with Phantom Alert. They claim their software is legal, so you know where the cameras and traps are, to avoid getting those tickets. This would NOT be legal in the UK!

Phantom Alert:

"Tired of traffic tickets? The embarrassment, the time, the points, the frustration, the money? Then you need PhantomALERT!

For less than the cost of one speeding ticket, PhantomALERT gives you audible and visual warnings as you drive, alerting you to approaching traffic enforcement zones in plenty of time to adjust to changing traffic conditions.

It does the work for you - NO MORE SURPRISES!

Simply download PhantomALERT on to your GPS or SmartPhone and you will be alerted as you approach:

- Railroad Crossings

- Dangerous Intersections

- Dangerous Curves

- Speed Bumps

- Speed Traps

- Speed Cameras

- Red Light Cameras

- School Zones

- DUI Checkpoints.

You will see them before they see you. With PhantomALERT on your GPS or SmartPhone you will be a better informed, safer, and smarter driver. And for that very reason it’s endorsed by Police around the country so you know it’s 100% legal".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

Phantom Alert

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