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Advanced Rust Protection

Advanced Rust Protection

Stop Rust Permanently With POR-15 Paint

Stop rust in its tracks with POR-15 the rust preventative coatings! Where can you buy some? From the Advanced Rust Protection website of course.

Advanced Rust Protection:

"Stop Rust Permanently with the POR-15® rust prevention system.

Unlike paint which relies on solvent evaporation, POR15 cures by drawing moisture from the atmosphere to produce a rock-hard finish that won't chip, crack or peel, making it one of the best rust preventive paint products on the market today.

Advanced Rust Protection is an authorized dealer of POR-15 rust preventive coatings which have been recognized by everyone from automotive restoration enthusiasts to big industry for its ability to provide the best and longest lasting protection against rust.

POR-15 also provides many additional products for everything from fuel tank restoration to high temp coatings to truck bed liner coatings".

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Advanced Rust Protection

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