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Managed Performance Marketing Solutions

Share-A-Sale is an affiliate marketing company which gives websites the chance to make money by linking to other websites. If you have a website, whether it be corporate or independent, you can join Share-a-Sale and find merchants who you like the look of, add their special codes to your website, and then make money whenever someone out there in the wide world buys something or signs up to something.

At Share-A-Sale, they say "Whenever someone goes to your site, clicks through a banner that you selected from shareasale.com, you earn money. A portion of that sale, or a fixed amount for a lead or hit. Sign up today, it's FREE! and you can start earning cash from your website today!"

Chicago-based Share-A-Sale accepts International membership from most countries. But if you live in a country that's not on the list, you should write a friendly letter and tell Share-A-Sale why you should be included. Sounds fair enough.

So, if you're interested in being in the affiliate business, here's the link:

Link here to go to shareasale.com

Now if you're a Merchant, and you would like to sell your own products and services online, and you'd like to have all these affiliates out there in the world putting links on their websites and advertising YOU, then here's some info about Share-A-Sale you might like to know...

"shareasale.com uses proprietary technology, along with web and browser standard technologies to bring together eCommerce Merchants and Affiliate partner sites.

There are NO technical requirements involved in using our software, and it is 99.9999% (we haven't found an incompatibility yet) compatible with all shopping cart, ecommerce, or other site software that you currently have.

Here is how it works:

  1. You (the Merchant) sign up for shareasale.com
  2. You upload the banners that you want used, onto our site, through our Banner Management Center
  3. You set the amount that you want to pay affiliates for each sale they bring you. For example, 20% of the sale, or a straight $2.00...etc... This is all done through the Account Management Center on shareasale.com
  4. You place a small piece of code on the receipt page of your website, which will serve as the trigger to shareasale.com that a sale has been made.
  5. Affiliate partners who are part of our network, will see your program and subscribe to your program.
  6. These Affiliate partners then put your banners on their Websites, and the traffic will come through to your site.
  7. When a measurable action, such as a sale, or lead is generated at your site, shareasale.com, after receiving the trigger that was set in Step 4 checks to see if an Affiliate partner brought you that sale.
  8. If they did, your account at shareasale.com is deducted the pre-defined amount from Step 3, and the Affiliate partner is credited that amount.
  9. At the end of the month, shareasale.com takes care of paying the Affiliate partners.
  10. As long as you keep your balance with shareasale.com above $0.00, we continue to bring you sales.Share-A-Sale

The system works not only for sales made, but can record hits to the website, and "lead" generations, such as the action of filling out a contact form.

Whatever you need shareasale.com to do, it can. Please make sure to contact us if you have any questions, or would like to hear from a person, just what shareasale.com can do for you".

Don't forget to mention it was Zyra who put the god word in!

Here's the link:

Link here to go to shareasale.com