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Managed Performance Marketing Solutions

At Share A Sale there are a great many merchants, some of whom are advertised at Zyra's site. If you'd like to join Share-A-Sale here, you can! Plus, there are more merchants at the actual Share a Sale site than are listed here. It's just that these are the ones we have already.

Having a page like this helps to keep tabs on the site and know which companies we have at which places!

The merchant list we have for Share-A-Sale continues here...

Adventure Harley Davidson - motorcycling action

Air Trekkers

Automated Pet Care Products - home of the space-age cat toilet

AzureGreen Metaphysical Witchcraft and Occult StoreDecalDriveway.com

Basic Health Insurance

BBP Bags

The Beer Machine

Bird-X - keep birds off your property

Blue Penguin Software

Bogey ProCellars Wine Club


The Brace Shop

Break 80 Today

Call in Europe


Ceiva Logic

Cellars Wine Club

Checks Unlimited - almost like being able to print your own money

Chic StarCat Litter Robot *

Coco Bonbons

Combat Optical

Cosmetic Alchemy - LiLash

Cost Plus Tools

Crazy Horse Tack and Gift Shop

Crown Jewelers

Crystal Internet - Shop World Poker

Decal Driveway

Delta Magazines

Diecast Models Wholesale

Magic World.co.ukDirtbag Clothing

Diva Diamonds

Dragonflies and Ladybugs

East Coast Fashions

Energy Muse

FDR Resorts

FHI iron

FinrooGolden Moon Tea

Flame Soft

Fine Iron Beds

FishHead Gear

The Gag

Gap Insurance Quotes

Glasses Shop

Golden Moon Tea

Green Screen Wizard

Harry Mason Designer Jewelry

Headwaters Bamboo Rod Co

Healthy Pets

Hour Power Watches

The House Boardshop

Innovex Golf CompanyLinea Pelle

Iowa Ink

Ironclad Authentics

Jewelry High Design

Linea Pelle

Lloyds of Indiana

Magazine Discount Center

Magic World.co.uk

Magic World Online.com

Magnetic One

Manhattan Portage

Mexico Insurance Services

Mini Tennis Court

Moto LeatherRosso Bikes

Mountain Plus

MX Megastore

My Own Labels

My Party Shirt


Nilima Rugs

Norcross Marine Products


Old Guys Rule

Onno Textiles

Party King Grills

Perfume Kaos

Pool CenterParty King Grills

Precious Provisions

Premier Cycle Products

P & S Fishing Tackle

Qualified Health

RE Sports


River Bum

Rosso BikesSpecialty Auto Source

Rugs USA


The Saddle Zone

Savannah's Candy Kitchen

Score Low

Script Software

Sealed With A Kiss Designs

Share a Sale - the affiliate marketing company themselves

Shock Coffee

Showers Plus

SonnemondThe Saddle Zone

Specialty Auto Source

Spray Graphic Apparel

Stroller Depot Stores

Surfboards Etc

Strata Shops

Surf Fanatics

Surplus Mags

Titanium Concepts

Tours and Co Associates

Truck Stuff USAYachtIQ.com - Vingulf Maritime

TSC Pets

TuckTech Inc - Tote-N-Boat

Text Books At Cost

Uncle Kimono - fashion house of John Malkovich

United Shades

Very Asia

Vikki Lamotta Cosmetics


Wedding Vow Rings

Whole House FM Transmitter

Xa Xe - pearl and gemstone jewelry

Yacht IQ / Vingulf Maritime

Plus others the htmloose program in Linux may find...

Auto Parts Nerd

FusionQuest (was Freefiliate)

Live Fish Store

Prescription Giant

Strange Cargo

Mobility Aids

Things From Another World



Puzzle Master

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