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Premier Cycle Products


Worldwide shipping on quality motorcycle products. Premier Cycle Products, have a wide range of accessories and clothing for your motorbike.

Premier Cycle Products

"Who We Are:

Premier Cycle ProductsWe too are riders who appreciate a value added product; something to enhance the riding experience, a product to make us more comfortable and safe as we add the miles. Having ridden a variety of machines over the years, we now ride a variety of BMW bikes: GS, RT and F650. Like many riders, we have purchased many riding products. Some were used once, some many times, others continue to be used. It's a trial and error as each rider has individual tastes, likes and dislikes.

Our Philosophy:

Premier Cycle ProductsAs riders we believe that we have a good idea of what is most liked by other riders. We only sell quality items that have withstood the test of on-road use. We also believe that a quality, high-performance product can be coupled with value. To us, a good value is getting a great price on a great product.

So, why buy from Premier Cycle Products? Because at PCP there is no risk. We offer a liberal 10-day Total Satisfaction Guarantee. If you buy from us and don't like what you get, return it for a full refund [see Shipping and Exchange Policy for details].

Please keep in mind our ultimate goal is to make you happy so you will come back to see us again!"

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