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Air Trekkers

Run and jump almost as fast as a Springbok - almost! That's the benefit of Air Trekkers, it's a bouncy jumpy world!!

Air Trekkers:

"Alpine Innovations, LLC is a NW importer/distributor of cutting edge products, located in Bend, Oregon.

Because of our experience and know-how in the US action sports industry, we have been awarded exclusive distribution rights by the inventor of jumping stilts (Alexander Boeck) and his authorized manufacturer to promote and market the Air-Trekker brand in America and beyond.

Air-Trekkers Jumping Stilts Starting At Just $269, Why Pay A Dime More?

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This is The #1, best selling, fastest growing site to buy top quality jumping stilts in North America. If you are looking to get jumping stilts, at the best prices in the USA.....look no further".

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