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Titanium Concepts

If you are looking for an alternative to gold, silver and platinum jewelry, have you considered titanium? If so, Titanium Concepts could be for you (USA and Canada delivery only!)

Titanium Concepts:

"Titanium Rings By Wes Waddell.

Welcome to Titanium Concepts. These are my titanium ring designs, all made from 6-4 titanium for strength and durability. Each ring is individually crafted for you from a solid bar of titanium.

Titanium ConceptsAll of my jewelry is available for purchase online through an SSL secure server for a safe and secure purchase. Since each ring is custom made to order, small modifications are no problem so you can have it made just how you want it. You even get to select the thickness of your ring.

My titanium rings are all unisex - they look equally great on both men and women. If you are getting married and need a wedding band, titanium rings make great wedding rings - because of their high durability, they are as eternal as love. Titanium is many times stronger than gold, platinum, and silver so it is becoming a popular choice for wedding bands.

Titanium ConceptsChoose your Ring Thickness

Order 2 rings and get 10% off!!

As always the shipping is free!

We ship to United States and Canada only.

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Titanium Concepts

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