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Metal. Strong as steel but much lighter. Many uses in such diverse applications as aviation, jewellery, bicycles, industrial tools, cybernetics. Surprisingly low thermal/electrical conductivity. Does not corrode, to the extent that it can be used with biological material without rejection reactions.

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A set of international links follows:

International Titanium Association

Titanium Concepts - titanium jewellery

Gilletts Jewellers - Design your own titanium ring!

Titanium Kay - Titanium jewelry and men's accessories

Innovex Golf Company - Titanium golf clubs at affordable prices.

www.TEAM.co.in Titanium Equipments and Anode Manufacturing Company
Manufacturers & fabrication of titanium equipment, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, metal anode products, membrane electrolysers and pipes in India

"We do design, manufacturing and supply of Chemical process equipments out of TITANIUM, TANTALUM, NIOBIUM, ZIRCONIUM, NICKEL, HASTELLOY, MONEL, INCONEL, X-750, PLATINUM, RUTHENIUM, IRIDIUM, and PALLADIUM. Our equipment mix includes. Platinised anodes, Electrolyzer (Membrane, Diaphragm, Mercury & Tank Electrolyzer Cells for Chlorine) Hypo generators, MMO Anodes & cathodes, Heat exchangers, Electric Heaters, Storage Tank, Column, Pressure vessels, Reactor, Pumps, Blowers, Mixers, Thermowell, Jigs & Fixtures, Fasteners, etc"

Airco Metals Ltd
"We are suppliers and stockholders of Titanium and Nickel alloys , we have the best prices around for Grade 5 bar and Grade 1 + 2 sheet plate bar and tube". Phone UK 0118 978 0202 or Fax 0118 978 6633. Also please note that from 2007/09/03 Airco Metals new name will be Hempel Special Metals Ltd, Unit 12 The Business Centre, Molly Millars Lane, Wokingham, Berkshire

TIMET - Titanium Metals Corporation

Titanium Information Group UK

Platinised anodes - Titanium Anode Fabricators, Manufacturers of MMO / Platinized Titanium and niobium or columbium anodes in India, for metal finishing, cathodic protection and electro dialyses applications.

Titanium products and titanium scrap at GRANDIS

Titanium at BOCCIA <= Affiliate program at this site

Titanium GOLF CLUBS at Benson's

Titanium Arts

Russian titanium sculpture

Titanium Mineral Statistics at USGS

Titanium Industries Inc.

Titanium International Group.it



http://www.kjbtitanium.com (Gone!)

Baoji City-Run Metal Materials Company - Titanium rods in China


Nickel-Titanium = Memory-Metal

British Titanium plc are developing a new process to manufacture Titanium straight from the Oxide

TiArt Designs - was www.tiart.co.uk

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Also note: The name TITANIUM sounds good, so quite a lot of other things called Titanium and similar related names. So, there's going to be a page of these at this site.

Titanium is a high-quality metal, but titanium oxide is a bio-friendly inert white powder which is very stable. It's used as a base for make-up, and as fireproof insulation inside cables for fire alarms.