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BOCCIA TITANIUM WATCHES are available to BUY via a link on here. Boccia will enlighten us on the nature of the metal TITANIUM and the quality the finesse of their watchmaking.

In the words of BOCCIA: Universal Watch Co., Inc. is the United States distributor of the Akteo and Boccia watch lines. UWC was founded in 1995 by President Raphael Cohen to bring the Akteo watch line to the U.S.. The Akteo concept explores themes from the arts, professions, sports, passions, and music. In 1996 UWC discovered the Boccia Titanium Watch line. The Boccia watch line is the only all titanium watch line in the world. Boccia watches are both stylish and sophisticated designs in pure titanium. Since it's inception, UWC's main focus has been to supply both the retailer and the end customer with top quality products and services.

More About Boccia Titanium / About the T2 Collection

All titanium components of Boccia Watches are made of pure titanium, including the crowns, buttons of chrono graphs, link bracelets, flex bands, and buckles of leather straps. ; Mesh bracelets are made of stainless steel. ; Titanium is strong, very light, corrosion resistant, and friendly to the skin. ; All Boccia Watches are water resistant to at least 99 feet, and carry a two year warranty.

Boccia Titanium T2 - after all, somebody has to be the first.

Official German launch of the new T2 watch series from Boccia Titanium has started. The new line has been developed in cooperation with internationally famous designer Jeff Miller from New York City.

The quintessence of watchmaking a la Boccia is expressed in this range: lightweight titanium construction, outstanding comfort, extravagant design, excellent functionality, optimum readability. All of these add up to the Boccia Titanium T2.

The Shape. Award-winning New York designer Jeff Miller, a familiar name from many exhibitions, has literally reshaped watch design in the T2. Reminiscent of the silhouette which caused such a furore on the automobile scene, this is a novel look in the world of watchmaking and features clear but fluid contours. Not a single superfluous line, simplicity at its best. A perfect whole, cast in one piece. Boccia is famous for its quality; the benchmark brand which - in the truest sense - creates signs of the times.

The Case. All Boccia T2 models are water resistant up to 10 bar (100 meters). A striking feature is the conical cap which encloses and protects the crown. The large, user-friendly chronograph buttons have also been given these same caps for added shock protection.

The material. In the T2 series, pure titanium again remains the main element. The uncompromising use of this high-tech material gives these watches unmistakable class, the due reward of years of experience in crafting this difficult, tough metal. Experience that is guaranteed by the name Boccia.Boccia Titanium Watches

The Models. The soft shimmer of the gray metal makes every Boccia a cherished timepiece of ageless elegance. The watch for the discerning taste - Boccia fans expect no less. The T2 line is available for women and men in a choice of classic three-hand watches or chronographs for superior technical demands.

Two highlights characterize the new line: one is the analog chronograph with separate alarm hand. The other is the "ana-digi" chronograph, with analog time readout and digital stopwatch times, calendar and alarm functions, all of which are featured on a darkened dual display - understatement made by Boccia.

The dials. Just as a sports car has to have clear instruments, the new T2 models have clear faces. Boccia has deliberately chosen dark colors as the perfect backdrop for the white hands and indices with luminous white compound. The dials come in a choice of black or gray.

Conclusion: Has everything been revamped at Boccia Titanium? You could almost say that. In terms of design, the brand once again breaks new ground. After all, somebody has to be the first. But one thing that has remained the same is the excellent value for money. After all, some things never change...

Titanium - where hardness is of the essence
Titanium is lighter and harder than stainless steel. But it is also three times as expensive, despite the fact that the earth has comparatively large deposits of this metal. However, its extraction is difficult and expensive, because titanium bonds readily with other elements. This means that the material - which is also used for satellites - has to be laboriously separated from rock, sand and clay. The following types of titanium are in use.

- Nickel Free -

Pure Titanium

Titanium with a purity factor between 99.0 and 99.7%. Minimum residual quantities of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon and tungsten are unavoidable during production. Pure titanium is extremely difficult to work.

Beta Titanium

Alloy of 75% titanium, 15% vanadium and 10% aluminum. This compound is just as light and durable as pure titanium, but is also particularly flexible.

- Containing Nickel -

Memory Titanium (NT / Niti)

Exceptionally flexible alloy of 50% titanium and 50% nickel silver. Used in the manufacture of eyeglasses. Contains nickel.

Titanium C

Electroplated nickel titanium, which can be worked like conventional steel. That is why this kind of titanium is most common.

BOCCIA TITANIUM wristwatches are made exclusively of pure titanium which contains NO NICKEL. This is also true of the crowns, push buttons and clasps.


...was discovered by British clergyman William Gregor in iron sand from Cornwall in 1791. German chemist Martin H. Klaproth independently discovered the material in Hungary in 1795 and gave it the name titanium.

...takes its name from the giants in Greek mythology who put up a fierce struggle against the gods of Olympus.

...occurs in rock, sand and clay.

...accounts for 0.44 percent of the Earth's crust.

...has a relative density of 4.49 g/cm3.

...has the atomic number 22.

...was not used in industry until the 1950s, primarily in the construction of satellites, rockets and aircraft. used in the form of titanium oxide to desulphurize the exhaust gases of power stations.

...does not react to magnetism.

...does not trigger any skin reactions. resistant to salt water, perspiration and acids.

...on contact with oxygen, forms an even oxide layer with a gray shimmer which acts as a protective coating.

...can only be worked with extremely hard tools.

...has an extremely high melting point of 1800 degrees Celsius.

...can be cast and soldered only in a vacuum. gold plated using nickel or - in a much more complicated process - without nickel. Nickel-free gold-plating is practically abrasion-resistant.

BOCCIA TITANIUM wristwatches are gold plated entirely without nickel!

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