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Metal. Much misunderstood in the old days, Nickel is named after Old Nick, (the Devil), probably by exasperated miners trying to find something they thought was more valuable!

It's quite confusing stuff unless you've got some advanced chemistry. Often the ore looks like copper, and sometimes the element appears with arsenic and a few other things.

Most of the nickel in the earth is in the middle, where it's not so easy to get at. However, every now and then a giant asteroid makes some of the stuff available by making a big splash.

Early hardwearing coinage such as the five cent US coin termed "the Nickel" are made of alloys of Nickel and other elements. (Modern (2002) "Nickels" contain no actual Nickel).

An alloy of approximately 50:50 Nickel and Titanium exhibits the extraordinary property of being MEMORY METAL. This Nickel-Titanium has superelasticity and remembers its shape!

A set of international links follows:

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International Nickel Study Group (INSG)

Airco Metals Ltd
"We are suppliers and stockholders of Titanium and Nickel alloys , we have the best prices around for Grade 5 bar and Grade 1 + 2 sheet plate bar and tube. Phone UK 0118 973 0509"

Anaconda Nickel Company


www.nornik.ru Норильский никель




Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable batteries

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