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Innovex Golf Company

Innovex Golf Company, offering top quality titanium products at affordable prices. The best thing is that you know your money is going into the technology and not a celebrity's pocket. Better still they ship worldwide.

Innovex Golf Company:

"Our Mission:

Innovex Golf CompanyInnovex Golf started in early 2004 with one goal in mind, to offer the best equipment for the money in golf. We launched in early 2004 with our debut product the System RLS Irons and Wedges.

Since then, we have been recognized by various independent testing agencies and review websites as having some of the finest products in the entire industry. What makes us unique is that we offer our Tour-level products without the additional cost of paying tour players.

You pay less because we spend our money on designing the best line of clubs in the industry, not on branding via tour play and a massive national advertising campaign.

We offer the best value in golf equipment in the world period. Pay Purely for Performance not the brand!

Why You Pay Less:

You pay less because we offer you our products directly, we do not pay tour players to play our products, and we have a very limited advertising campaign. What we do spend to advertise comes right from our bottom line. Innovex Golf clubs are the greatest value in the golf equipment industry because you pay purely for performance, not the brand.

Why do our products perform so well? Leading-edge technology and design, thorough testing, on-spec manufacturing, and careful assembly. We're so confident in our products that we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of our products".

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