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In the game of Golf, the idea is to whack a golf ball with a golf club such that the ball ends up in the hole. The hole is a considerable distance away, but you are allowed several attempts, hitting the ball from where it lands in the previous attempt. The fewer the number of shots required, the better. A golf hole is calibrated to require a particular number of attempts, which is "par" for that hole. Achieving one under-par is good and is termed "a birdie". Two under-par is termed "an eagle", and three under-par is "an albatross" (with a passing reference to the endangered bird species). Considerable technique and skill is required in golf. The ultimate achievement is a "hole in one" which requires getting the ball to go in the hole on the first shot. That requires both skill and luck!

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Also see the Earth/Moon/Sun compared for size and orbit using a golf course as a backdrop: Earth, Moon, Sun - which goes around which?

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