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Druh Belts


Belts & Buckles

It's the latest, greatest fashion brand, as worn by sports celebrities such as Lee Westwood and David Beckham! Druh Belts, with a choice of belts, buckles, bracelets and now Druh clothing.

Druh Belts:

"Druh Belts, buckles, bracelets and now Druh clothing are one of the most popular sporting and fashion brands emerging at present.

Here at Druh belts were able to offer the full collection of the famous as seen on Lee Westwood belts to the golfer and fashion fan alike. Druh have teamed up with golfer Sophie Horn to add an innovative touch to their brand and make the brand appeal universally.

Belts and Buckles

The Druh brand began its journey into the fashion and sports world with the launch of the Innovative interchangeable Druh belt that's use was optimised by the mix and match buckle system. This has meant golfers and fashion guys and girls can change their belt buckles daily, from having a standard Druh Belts buckle on one day to a union jack buckle the next you can make a real statement with a druh belt.

Bracelets and Clothing

Due to the popularity of the Druh belts and buckles the brand has now diversified into the world of Negative Ion Bracelets and golf and fashion clothing. These high end products are being endorsed across the sporting world by globally recognised superstars from Lee Westwood to David Beckham.

By being the largest independent retailer of the Druh brand were able to offer a full and comprehensive range of Druh products and have a helpful in house team that are experts in all things druh belts related".

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Druh Belts

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