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A new name in affiliate marketing e-commerce as of 2003/02/14. Paid On Results is exactly what it says on the can. Websites out there in the world (affiliates) help to advertise companies (merchants) and money is paid on results.

So, if you have a website and you'd like to be paid on a commission-only basis, you may be interested to know... "Affiliates join our team and pick your merchant partners, earn money from your website, convert your traffic into sales that make you commission. Sign up is free and you have nothing to buy to get started". Plus, I've joined Paid On Results myself, and I can tell you that the link-code is some of the best around - basic html - with proper deep-linking.

OR, if you've got a business that could do with more sales by e-commerce, you'll be keen to know... "Merchants increase the results from your on-line business, partner with affiliates who will drive traffic to your site. Affiliates are paid on the results they produce allowing you the unique position of only paying on successful results". And, having had a good look at Paid On Results myself, I can tell you that now is the time to join as there is plenty of scope for the addition of new merchants. As well as the joining being a good idea in itself, there's also the likely chance that if you join, you'll have THIS WEBSITE helping to advertise you, and remember, we only get paid ON RESULTS!

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

Paid On Results

In late 2004, Paid On Results saw a considerable increase in the number of merchants on the system, which was definitely good news for affiliates! Merchants advertised here include Framed Share and Tax Refunds, and Bone Clothing (on the Fashion page), Tots Planet (on the Baby Items page).

More are expected, as the whole setup expands. At the time of publishing Issue79 of Zyra's website, Paid on Results had just taken on Grattan and Freemans Shopping Catalogues.

Update 2007: This is rather chuffing! Paid on Results is continuing to expand. We support them and consider the small networks add diversity to the market, rather than it becoming a monoculture of big companies. Now on Issue109 in 2007/10 there is to be a List of Merchants at Zyra's site promoted via Paid on Results. How about that?!Paid On Results

The name of the company "PAID ON RESULTS" is particularly appropriate, as affiliates such as Zyra do best when paid according to how much actual business they bring, (eg via select advertising rather than being paid by effort (per hour employment), or by how much flim-flam they produce (splat advertising).

If this sounds like it's for you...

You can visit Paid On Results here