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Framed Share

The gift of share ownership

Framedshare.co.uk gives you the chance to own a real share in your favourite company! This not only is a unique gift but also entitles the owner to shareholder perks, benefits and even dividends. "We offer a wide choice from fashion and toys to football clubs. We have a regular monthly competition to win a framed share".Framed Share

"There's no better gift for a football fan than owning a share in their favourite football club. Buy a genuine share in one of the 19 clubs available & the shareholder will receive a gift pack & a genuine share certificate registered in their name. They will also be entitled to the rights & perks of a shareholder".

There are shares in all sorts of companies including big names like Tiffany, Walt Disney, Rolls Royce and Manchester United.

Available in a choice of picture frames: pine, mahogany, black & gold.

To find out more and to see about ordering a real share certificate for yourself or for someone you know will be amazingly chuffed to receive one:

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FramedShare.co.uk affiliate program is with Paid on Results

(Yes, these are real shares in real companies. You can see that by the fact that the Framed Share company has had be licensed by the London Stock Exchange to sell these items even though they are being sold as interesting gifts rather than investments!)