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Well done to Bill Gates!

You don't expect to see me say "Well done to Bill Gates!", do you?! But we're not talking about Microsoft computer software here.

This is about GOLF. What happened was Bill Gates was playing golf, and someone told him off for having an appearance which was not in keeping with the club rules. Well, what would you do to defend your freedom to choose your own appearance? What Bill Gates did was very commendable. He walked out of the golf club and BOUGHT HIS OWN GOLF COURSE!

Excellent! An honorary hole-in-one there to Bill Gates!

I can't say I'm keen on his software, but I commend him for doing such a noble thing on making a point about the freedom of appearance!

Also on the theme of Bill Gates not being so bad...

* A long time ago, Bill Gates saved Apple from going bust.

* Washington State put a million dollars into writing free creative-commons/open-source, and then the Bill & Melinda fund matched that by putting a further million in, to an open project.

* Vaccinations in the Third World (although doubts are expressed because it props-up patent-troll licensing).