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Titanium Kay

Visit Kay and pick up some Titanium! Click on the Titanium Kay website and buy yourself some men's jewelry or accessories.

Titanium Kay:

"Titanium Kay is the leading men’s jewelry and accessories store online. We offer large collections of titanium and tungsten wedding band rings and stainless steel jewelry and accessories.

Important information about our tungsten rings:Titanium Kay

- Our tungsten rings are 100% scratch proof

- Our tungsten rings will not bend out of shape

- Our tungsten rings do not contain any cobalt

- We use nickel binder for all our tungsten rings

- All tungsten rings are covered by our lifetime warranty against scratches and breakages

- In case of medical emergencies, our tungsten rings can be removed by medical professionalsTitanium Kay

- Our tungsten rings are hypoallergenic.

Products are shipped worldwide with free shipping for domestic customers.

Customer service through toll free hotline and responsive emails establish consumer confidence in our company.

Our existing partnerships with well known brand name companies such as ST Dupont, Colibri, Benchmark and Edward Mirell set us apart from our competitors".

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Titanium Kay

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