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Savannah's Candy Kitchen

Take a good look at the Savannah's Candy Kitchen - Yum Yum! Don't blame us for the increase in your waistline though.

Savannah's Candy Kitchen:

"From a mother’s kitchen in Woodbine, GA to Savannah, GA, candy from the Strickland kitchen is still down home delightful.

The man behind the famous Savannah, GA Candy is, Stan 'the candy man' Strickland.

The story begins in Woodbine, Georgia. His mother worked in a candy factory in Woodbine known for their Pralines, Log Rolls, Glazed Pecans, Peanut Brittle and Divinity. At home, she was always making candy, especially during the holidays.

She was an old fashioned baker who measured with the 'cup' of her hand and always used the best, fresh ingredients. For Stan’s mother, cooking and baking was an art form. Stan baked with his mom in the kitchen learning how to make her spectacular homemade southern delights.

We are a seller of gourmet southern cakes, candies and confections located in Savannah, GA.

Our best sellers and the core of our business are our Pralines, Gophers and Divinity".

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