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Shock Coffee

High energy coffee from Shock Coffee. Give yourself a caffeine boost, but don't check your blood pressure!

Shock Coffee:

"Shock Coffee based near the city that never sleeps is a producer of high-energy coffee products:

Shock Coffee's product line consists of:Shock Coffee

- Energy Blend Coffee

- Organic Fair Trade Blend

- Shock-A-Lots® Chocolate-Covered, Candy-Coated Coffee Beans

- Triple Mocha ready to drink 8 oz can

- Triple Latte ready to drink 8 oz can

- Shock-A-Cino Hyper Caffeinated Instant Powdered Cappuccino.

With way to many energy drinks and coffee's in the market place we decided to add something new to the mix that had great taste along with an eye opening experience. Shock Coffee's beans are selected for taste and caffeine content. All our blends are freshly roasted at the highest tech roasting facility east of the Mississippi.

Today Shock Coffee products are available at select retail outlets throughout the United States, Greece, Canada and the Caribbean. Our Products are available with select e-commerce partners and also at our online store.

Taste this stuff! It's awesome and will wake you up!!!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

Shock Coffee

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