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Coffee Companies

Peet's Coffee & Tea *

Shock Coffee *

Coffee For Less *

Precious Provisions *

Fortnum and Mason *

Boca Java *

Gevalia *

Kona Kava *

Illy *

Tassimo *

Kitchkof *

Tchibo *


Kenco 0808 100 8787 uk

Healthy Java

Nescafé 0800 000030 uk

Carte Noir 0808 1000 131 uk

Hot Shot Beverages - It's Time to Can the Mugs! (was http://www.thehotshot.co.uk)

Taylors of Harrogate

Maxwell House

Jamaica Blue (was www.jamaicablue.co.uk - but this has now become Jamaica Blue Riverside Cafe). Yes, but here's another place you can get Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee!

Douwe Egberts

Red Mountain x

Pu'r Café


Starbucks Store *

Whittard of Chelsea *

Wide Awake Coffee *

Go Coffee *

If you are in the COFFEE business and would like to be on this list, just ask! Contact me. If your company is not on this list here, don't be offended, get it included! And if you think the order should be different, (for example with YOU at the top), see the PRESTIGIOUS LIST

Please inform me of the correct URL addresses so I can put the hyperlink in to link to your company.

Things associated with coffee: cream, milk, coffee pots, filter paper, staying alert rather than falling asleep.

You can now get micro coffee roasters from Coffee Monsters.net - gone. domain lost http://www.coffeemonsters.net/

Also, what about Tea mixed with Coffee ?

But what if you have made a cup of coffee and put too much sugar in it. How to remove sugar from coffee after it's already been added!