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"a new experience every week"

Tchibo is interesting, because as well as the coffee, and the gadgets, there's also the interesting business style: Every week there's a new non-food THEME! They say "The actualization takes place each Wednesday 12 p.m.".

"Tchibo made its debut on the British market in 1991 with Café Service, supplying hotels, restaurants and offices with coffee products and hot beverages. The opening of the first shop in the Greater London area in November 2000 marked the expansion of distribution into over-the-counter sales. In the meantime, more than 30 shops have opened in Great Britain. As a coffee expert with a passion for everything coffee, it's only natural that TchiboTchibo's unique range offers everything from a selection of premium coffees through to freshly-prepared coffee specialities by the cup. The introduction of phased non-food merchandise completes the three-way retailing concept in shops. Every week, under an umbrella motto, a new 'experience' takes shape. Based on the current product theme, this world is displayed in a surprising and original way every week in shop windows and sales areas everywhere. Customers can buy their freshly-roasted coffee here in an inviting and modern shopping atmosphere, relax with a cup of speciality coffee and a snack and be inspired by the non-food theme world. Since September 2002, the Tchibo range is now also available by mail order and online via the Web-Shop. This allows Customers everywhere to order Tchibo merchandise and coffee".

You can visit Tchibo and find out more. Could be interesting!

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