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Official coffee purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden

Coffee lovers this is the page for you! Visit the Gevalia, the official coffee purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden. You could be drinking the coffee of kings.


"Love Coffee? So do the Swedes.

In fact, they drink more coffee than almost anyone, anywhere. And for over 150 years, Gevalia has been their favorite cup. Since 1853, Gevalia has upheld the uncompromising standards put forth by our founder, Victor Theodor Engwall.

Opening his business in the small seaside town of Gävle, Sweden, Engwall aspired to import nothing less than the world’s finest beans. Coffee aficionados soon learned that if you wanted good coffee, you bought it from Victor.

Business grew quickly, and Gevalia became the official coffee purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden. Today, we continue to buy the best beans in the world and handcraft a product inspired by traditional cast-iron roasting.

Our coffee still has a distinctively rich, smooth taste that’s never bitter and is still served by the Royal Court of Sweden".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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