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Tea mixed with Coffee

What does it taste like if you have Tea mixed with Coffee?

For a long time Tea and Coffee have been alternatives, and although there are a few variants such as having different amounts of sugar and milk, no-one would mix tea and coffee, would they? It would be like having tea brewed in a hot water bottle! Or would it? Anyway, the mad scientist has found out, and here is what happens if you have tea and coffee mixed together:

Tea and Coffee mixed together 50:50 tastes like... COFFEE!

In fact, a drink made from 90% tea and 10% coffee tastes like coffee.

It seems as if the flavour of coffee is so much stronger than tea that it outdoes it and the result is a coffee-flavoured drink.

Presumably there is some sort of balance-point, like the way an alloy of tin and lead has a eutectic mix at about 40:60 where it's the lowest melting point for solder. In the situation of tea plus coffee, it would be the ratio at which it tastes like it's a "half and half" flavour. Current experimentals and guesswork suggest it's likely to be a few percent coffee and ninety-something percent tea.

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