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Internet Browser - You have a Choice!

When you're looking around the Internet, the thing that does the displaying of the pages is the Browser. You have a choice of these, and you don't have to be stuck with the one that you've ended up with for one reason or another. Browsers are software, and most of them are given away free on the Net.

It's important that your browser has a full set of features, and isn't limited or skimped. This is explained on the page... How to get a Full Set of Browser Bars. Also, it's important to be able to choose your homepage, ie which page the browser starts up on. So, here's the instructions on How to change your Internet Browser Homepage

A Browser should be written to make a good attempt at displaying pages online and offline, especially the basic HTML. Also, it's nice if a browser is available for various different types of computers.

There are several famous browsers and a great many other, perfectly good, but less well known, browsers.

The choices are shown at...

http://www.browserchoice.eu/BrowserChoice/browserchoice_en.htm and www.xyroth-enterprises.co.uk/wbrowser.htm

Currently (2011), the famous browsers are:

* Internet Explorer:

Although the default on many late 1990s computers, and still quite popular during the mid zero-zeros decade, there is a huge downside to Internet Explorer which is that it's only available on Microsoft Windows operating system, and not on the Apple or on Linux.

Good things about Microsoft Internet Explorer are: Having view/edit sourcecode as standard. This is something which some systems failed to do.

Not so good: Numerous bugs which are easy to exploit, and therefore problems of viruses, spyware, etc.

Available from The Microsoft Store

Other references:

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* Mozilla Firefox:

Started out as Netscape (which had various problems). Mozilla Firefox has a huge advantage in being open-source, and it works on most platforms, including Linux, Microsoft, and the Apple. The inclusion of add-ons is a curious mixed blessing: There's the good availability of a remarkable number of useful applications, and yet at the same time such things as The Firefox Update Problem (Firefoxed!). Also see...

Invisible Images in Mozilla

Fruity Browser test

Sites Banished by Spybot Search & Destroy - a problem in Mozilla Firefox cache.

EEE PC - Eeeps! Allowing Firefox to upgrade made the compilers cease to function!

* Opera:

Unencumbered by loads of excess stuff, the Opera Browser is an Internet Browser that just works. Works on websites with various things about them. Also, available on MS, Linux, and Apple, and probably a few other platforms.

Opera is available as a free version or as a snazzy pay-for version. For more about Opera Browser, see... Opera Browser

The Opera Browser seems to have an additional advantage is it's possible to banish unwelcome images such as those naff Facebook icons which spy on you. Also see Replacebook. To ban them, locate one of the ubiquitous little pests, right-click on it, and then opt to "block content". (I am not sure where this option is, but I have seen it. If you know, please let me know).

Now that there are various different browsers, it's important for a website to be AnyBrowser Compatible. Yes, This site is AnyBrowser compatible

Gone are the days when Banks could make such crass statements as "this site only allows you to log in with Internet Explorer".

The idea of Browsers goes further, with such ideas as the Browsotron, first mentioned at the page Please Link to this Site and then expanded and elaborated upon at Browsotron (Toxic Drums).

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