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About the ARTIZAN website

The website of Artizan of Boston www.boston-artizan.co.uk was made by Zyra (ZYRA INTERNET). It was a precision hand-crafted website made from the best HTML and finely polished using specialist software created at Zyra Electric.

YOU could have had a website constructed like that! Your site would have been customised to your specifications and made with a quality which was relatively rare, tested in-house, and promoted on search engines all-inclusively.

What makes the website construction technique here special is a set of good-practice methods which are often overlooked in normal website-design.

As with all sites made by Zyra, there is a high degree of interlinkedness within the site and internally NO BROKEN LINKS. Every page can be approached from several different routes. It is likely that this system greatly improves the search engine ranking of the site. It also makes it very easy to navigate for people of various mind-sets.

All pages, items, and images are quite fast-loading even on slow modems, and images are always at least the correct size, never shrunk-down on-the-fly as seen all-too-commonly in a great many sites!

One notable feature of the Artizan site was that it was done with a lot of fancy TABLES. But unlike most sites designed with tables it was handmade so it was efficient and the source-code was readable!

The Artizan site was designed to be AnyBrowser compatible, so it worked on ANY Internet browser, computer, Internet TV, etc, whether it was Linux, Windows, MAC, QNX, or anything else! This was in stark contrast to "flash-only" or "monitor resolution assumed" or "must be a fast network line" type design methodology.

When Zyra took on the job of creating a good website for Rikkie Carette the proprietor of Artizan, there was already a site in existence but it was not efficiently written. Zyra rebuilt the entire site and it ran approximately 2.5-3.5 times as fast. This is not to criticise the writer of the first site, as they must have used some kind of web-authoring tools which produced inefficient code. I only mentioned this because you may also have had a website which needed REBUILDING.

As well as hand-coded HTML there is also an automatically-generated site index, generated using site indexing software written at Zyra Electric. This computer program has been thoroughly tested and always produces efficient code which is readable and can be subsequently modified without any dependency on anything here. Also, all sites using the site indexing feature are given a reciprocal link with a special "Sites Using the Indexing Software" feature at Zyra's site.

Included at no extra charge are: thorough testing offline and online, promotion of the site to search engines, reciprocal linking with Zyra.org.uk and inclusion in the business directory.

All pages link out to other pages within the site. This means that anyone arriving via a search engine to ANY page can always get to any other page without having to make guesses or to truncate the URL.

Miscellaneous features utilised such as Hit Counter, statistics (where allowed), directed infinite e-mail (subject to host), Reciprocal Links pages, circular newsletter facility, etc.

Plus the code being well-written so it's easy to read if future modifications are required.

More about this can be seen at ZYRA INTERNET

Special footnote: This is largely historical now, as the website construction now goes into Zyra's website which continues expanding. See www.zyra.org.uk

Also, if you are looking to get your own website, there is some advice about that.