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Zyra Internet

"ZYRA INTERNET" is another way of saying that you could have a website made by Zyra, the character who built this site which has thousands of pages of content (see), and is properly linked-together and with no broken links within the site, no assumptions about types of browsers and operating systems, etc, and with all the images properly dimensioned and all the meta-tags constructed properly and... well you see what I mean.

Examples of websites made by Zyra include Artizan of Boston, www.boston-artizan.co.uk, and Perceptions Forum www.perceptionsforum.org.uk which you can read more about at the "About perceptionsForum.org.uk" page. Websites can make a poetic statement by being basic, for example the website of david xeno. Commercial sites were created to be a success without hard-sell. For example www.utilities.me.uk did better after it had Zyra-style interlinking and keywords rather than the more usual hype. More about this on the appropriate "about" page. Zyra also created the website of Pennyfarthing Antiques - was www.pennyfarthingantiques.net, and the original websites of Maritime Cruises of Boston and Park Lea Guest House although both of these have since been replaced by other websites by other people.

If you have no website, you could have a new website constructed to your requirements. These full-sized websites are WELL DONE, but that's not me saying it, that's what the people say when they see what I've done for them!

News update 2003: Zyra Internet is no longer trying so hard to find new business in constructing other websites. Partly this is because of the fact that Zyra's own website is more profitable as an affiliate marketing business than building websites for other people, and also there was a case of a bad payer. Although we got the money in the end, there was bad feeling, and as such that place is no longer linked-to and no longer maintained in search engine ranking or in anti-spam maintenance etc. As the main reason for creating websites for people was for the glory of it, a certain satisfaction in the fact that customers get websites that are well made and much cheaper than a lot of places can do them for, the fact that one place has gone bad has meant it's spoilt it for everyone else.

So, if you'd like me to create a website for you, you'll have to talk me into it! As I do a much better job than many places that charge thousands of pounds and produce something unimpressive, etc.

News update 2005: These days the work goes into creating more of this kind of thing: Shopping Portal as it has proved to be much more profitable to develop extra pages at this site than to construct other websites.

2011: If you would like a website constructing, a proper website with decent interlinkedness and proper keywords and the right content, there are still people who can do this for you. You haven't got to put up with the naff websites which are far too common these days. For a proper website construction, contact Toxic Drums and get a quote. (Mention Zyra put the good word in). See www.toxicdrums.com/i-build-web-sites.html