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How to get a full set of controls and taskbars on your Internet browser

I've noticed some people's Internet browsers are missing many of the controls which they should have. So, I've written this page to tell you how to resolve this if your browser is lacking such things as File / Edit / View / Tools / Options etc, or even be without an address bar!

Some computer software suppliers have issued crippled (or "factory pre-broken") versions of the browsers, or versions which are missing various features or have the options turned off. You might not even notice, on this basis that "what you've never had you never miss"!

It's been commonplace for companies to supply a browser with THEIR homepage set up as default. If you like that, ok. But if you would like to have a free choice and set whatever you want as your homepage when the Net Browser starts, see How to Change Your Homepage

Address Bar: Just as surely as a phone should have a dial or buttons so your can phone up any number you want, an Internet browser should have an Address Bar. That's the thing at the top where you can put "www. etc", ie the address of any website of your choosing. (This is not the same as a SEARCH bar. If you know the www address you don't need to search for it!). Does your browser have an address bar? Check it. Looking at this page, the browser should have an address by in which it should say "http://www.zyra.net/browserbars.htm". Does it have an address bar there? If not, it should have. I'll try to explain how to get an address bar:

Put the mouse over various things near the top and press the right-click button. Hopefully this should come up with a set of options, for example:

Yes! Standard Buttons
Yes! Address Bar
Yes! Links
Yes! Navigation Toolbar
Yes! Bookmarks Toolbar
Yes! Status Bar

Tick things to select them! (not on this page, but on your browser controls!)

Beware of Google Chrome, which may become infested with "search" rather than having a proper http:// entry address bar. This would be a disaster, and would mean you'd have no idea where links went, ie a phishing problem. This is a very sinister development by Google. Yet again I say Stuff Google! They are becoming a big problem.

Also, how to reveal Hidden task bars and tool bars:

This takes some care, so take it slowly and watch carefully what happens. Put the mouse pointer close to the top of this page, and then move it very very slowly upwards, watching the way the pointer is displayed (the cursor style). For a brief instant at some precise locations you may see it change from a hand or arrow to a set of lines. If so, you may be able to grab hold of it with a click of the left mouse button and pull it down a bit, revealing whole sets of hidden controls!

Good luck! Don't worry if you don't find any, but if you do, that's great, and I have yet again been some help!

Other things about Internet browsers and looking at pages on the Internet: It is not acceptable for websites to pop up silly adverts all over the place. If you see this, where a website is doing such splat advertising, you may wish to choose other websites that don't do it. Needless to say, Zyra's website does not do this, so if you are seeing silly pop-ups here, it's very likely that your computer is be infested with Spyware. Don't panic. It can be removed. Also see How to Stop Annoying Popups

Even if you've got a computer which came with bog-standard Microsoft, and/or an AOL browser, you don't need to be stuck with the standard browser with standard options. You can have AOL's proprietary browser and Internet Explorer on the same computer. Also, you can have Mozilla Firefox / Iceweasel. Such things are usually available as free downloads. For example, from www.mozilla.org

If you have Firefox, beware of Firefox upgrades, which can sometimes be irreparable.

It is also possible to have Linux and Microsoft on the same computer.

It is amazing what's possible just by knowing a few bits of "magic", for example a few key codes and shortcut keys

The reason why so many interesting alternatives exist but people are normally oblivious to them is people are bamboozled by the flashy advertising and numbed into a rut. The state of complacency is easy to break, however, with practice. Philosophically, there is now a general agreement in most civilised societies that no entity is allowed to have a monopoly. However, they are allowed to have huge advertising and to make their rivals almost hidden. To compensate for this, people need to be deliberately more alert for alternatives.

I hope you bookmark this site so you know where to find it! How You Can Help This Site