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Stuff Google!

Down with Google! etc

Now that Google has alienated so many people with the Google Problem, there's a desire generally to hit back at Google! But let's get this in perspective. Google has acted out of sheer desperation following its own miserable failure to deal with people playing it up with seo nonsense and cheating. In the end, Google started employing people who made claims they could do something about it, and then, rather than dealing with the actual problem, they did things they were deluded would help, and now the world is the worse for it.

Google's failure to deal with the real problem is sad, but their punishment of us honest people is something which I find unacceptable at a level which seems to defy words. As surely as sea level rise following global warming doesn't really hit back at the polluters but instead hits places like the Maldives, Google's bizarre system of arbitrary punishments hit those websites that are good, long-standing, and have real content.

I am a paranoid schizophrenic, and I believe I am being persecuted. Google is welcome to write to me and to explain if this isn't so. However, they won't. They won't, because Google believes Google is God. A company that believes it is omniscient and is similarly deluded into believing it can meet out punishments arbitrarily and get away with it, is likely to be the subject of some comeback.

Another God/Google problem is being ineffable. Google has a lot of things going on that are unknowable, or imagined to be unknowable. This is largely done by secrecy, but also to some extent disinformation. Note: Blekko takes the opposite stance.

Yet another Google problem is having no respect for privacy. OK it's not as bad as Facebook, but then it's arguable whether the East German Secret Police, the Stasi, were as bad for privacy as Facebook. Yet, Google seems to have swallowed Facebook's bad mistake of assuming people deserve no privacy. As a counterblast to his, the new search engine Duck Duck Go has instituted an entirely contrasting pro-privacy policy in which your privacy is important! Well Done!

I suspect that Google has some sort of kangaroo court where people and their websites are tried and found guilty in a witchfinding trial type of way. There is no telling if this is true or not, because Google is entirely unaccountable.

I am so offended by the failure of Google to treat me properly, that I am considering putting in my robots.txt file "disallow: GoogleBot". This is a bit like suicide, where it makes a point. The advantage of this being would be that it would get rid of all the fear and negativity associated with the Google Problem where the state of fear itself becomes a danger.

The key point of this is that other search engines would still be allowed free access to my site, and would still include me. Then we would see how well these other search engines behave.

I think that one of the things that has tipped Google over the edge into becoming a pariah, is the deceitful changing of page titles. This is a gross insult. It's dishonest, but also it suggests a corrupted way of thinking. Somehow it undermines the nature of the Internet, in that idea of the "true democracy of pages" which Google used to talk about when it was still a decent search engine. Instead, by tarring a page with a title cobbled off the front of the website, it's rubbishing it. It's like taking an encyclopaedia, and next to each of the entries, gluing a piece torn off the front cover.

Some other search engines used to do this, but they have mostly desisted. They have learnt from the folly of their ways.

Stuff Google! ...It's a sentiment in which we move forward to a time when there is no Google and no other corporate problems trying to monopolise the world of search. Instead, a wide diversity of search engines can form a free market economy with fair competition.

It's important that no search engine gets a big slice of the market, or similar search engine problems can potentially arise.

I am so disgusted with Google for what's happened that I have replaced by default search provider. Most of the searches are now done here via Blekko with a few done on several of the other search engines. I have also removed Google from my Mozilla Firefox search box, not that I ever used that. (However, I still search on Google for terms to do with the Google problems, so that in the unlikely event Google has some sort of logs, these queries will come up, and someone might take notice).

If you would like to remove Google from your Mozilla Firefox search box, here's how to do it: Click on the drop-down box next to the search. Then select "manage search engines". Then click on Google and press DELETE. Hah! Gone! A symbolic gesture!

It would also be a gesture against Google if people changed their browser homepages. I have never had anyone's search as my browser homepage, but some people have Google as their homepage. Well, if you'd like to change your homepage, here's a helpful page on How to Change your Browser Homepage. Also see Get Rid of Google as Homepage. There are alternatives. I recommend you create your own page and have what you want on it, including some of your favourite sites. Use HTML. In the meantime, you could have the page of search engines as a temporary stopgap homepage.

However, if you would really like to Stuff Google, the thing to do is to write in and join my campaign for folks to club together against the problem. This is explained on the page Google has alienated us

Special point of note: The Google Problem is a nuisance and an annoyance and gets in the way of progress, but Google is not hated. In contrast, Facebook is hated. The Google problem is merely a detraction from the world, a denial of service, and a sorry state of affairs in comparison to how things should be done. In contrast, Facebook is considered a clear and present threat to liberty and the future of life.