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Duck Duck Go

a search engine that's not Google

Duck Duck Go is a search engine. Yes, I know it's a silly name, but most search engines have silly names, don't they? There's a serious business about Duck Duck Go, which is that it's a search engine with a DECENT PRIVACY POLICY! Yes! In sharp contrast to Google where the policy is in effect "We will spy on you and capture your information and share it with who the hell we like and use your info to send spam ads to you about things we assume you want", the policy at Duck Duck Go is in effect "We Will Not Spy On You!".

It was this, the up-front stated privacy policies of Duck Duck Go, which inspired me to create a dedicated page about the place.

Another thing about Duck Duck Go is that the search results actually include links to many independent websites with Real Content, such as my website www.zyra.org.uk ! It appears to be a proper search, and seems to be free of the appalling false accusation and punishment nonsense which Google is now involved in, as satirised at the page of Google Updates (Google Downgrades).

Duck Duck Go needs publicity, so, here it is: For a search engine that's a bit different, and isn't yet corrupted by greed, search-engine-obfuscation (cheats), corporate mismanagement, and privacy abuse, visit Duck Duck Go at www.duckduckgo.com and www.duck.co

Not to be confused with Duck Duck Goose which is a fashion boutique.