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Alienated by Google?

I've seen many comments along the lines of "Thanks Google! You have demoted my website and put rubbish up there in its place. Thanks for depriving people of my good advice and knowledgeable pages. Thanks for ruining the world, Google!", etc.In Google We (no longer) Trust

Well, you may find you are feeling that way. It's understandable, especially if you have created a good website and now find that Google is unfairly prejudiced against it for some inconceivable reason. I feel that way, and I know a lot of other people do too.

You may feel you should be able to write to Google and tell them, but unfortunately it has been found that the links to "contact us" and "report spam here", etc don't go to anything where you can write in, and instead go to a "sign up here to have a Google account". Well NO! Stuff You Google! If you can't have people write in and make honest comment and instead you want to phish people's personal details, then it's a sprat to catch a mackerel, and you know what happens to bad fish?

Google used to be respected as somewhere folks could search for stuff and find near-enough what they wanted, but sadly those days are over. Google has deteriorated into a spam-ad farming sham, and its organic search which used to be so good has now become infested with search engine cheats. This is why people are moving away from Google and are looking for alternatives. Alternatives to Google exist, for example Blekko , and many other search engines. Google doesn't have a monopoly, and regardless of what legalistic waffle Google has in their lawyers' contract, if you haven't agreed to it, it doesn't apply. You are free to leave Google.

Additionally, Google has a serious PRIVACY POLICY problem, and seems to feel the need to grab everyone's personal habits data and spread it all about. In a way it's copying the worst example in the world, Facebook, that deplorable parasite on the lifestyle of people who are sucked into it. In a severe counterblast to that, rival search engine Duck Duck Go has launched a totally contrasting privacy policy in which your privacy is of paramount importance! This humiliates Google and shames it for being so mean.

Of course you can't force Google to accept your good website on their search. It's up to Google to list stuff it wants, and if people are daft enough to put up with poor quality searches, then more fool them! However, for those of us who have websites that are worthwhile but are now being punished because of the prejudice that Google and its robots have, there is hope:

I propose that we get to know each-other and fight back against Google! We have real websites, and we can link to each-other. It doesn't matter if Google says "thou shalt not have a link exchange". Google has already lost. We don't care about search engine position on a failing Google; we care about VISITORS. Folks who look around on the Real Internet will visit our websites. Plus, as Google's reign comes to an end, new search engines with new ideas will come along to replace Google, and then we will start to appear in their results.

Please bear in mind, it is the dogma of Google which has got it into this mess in the first place, and other places will have different ideas. No-one wants webspam rubbish appearing, but different people have different ideas on how to defeat the problem. Google's solution seems to be arbitrary punishment of sites with no discussion. In contrast, Blekko seems to have an idea of identifying webspam sites and banning them. That is, "content farms". Content farms are websites whose content is churned out by people paid a sort-of pulp writer's fee, and then other people who are in the SEO (search engine obfuscation) business are paid to hype up those pages by cheating. There's an easy way to defeat this: ban them.

Does Google ban them? No. Instead it punishes all of us out here who have REAL CONTENT. Hence, the alienation which many webmasters feel. Ultimately it is a betrayal of public trust, because people trusted Google to behave reputably, and now there is a considerable shortfall.

So, if you want to protest against the Google tyranny and the Google hypocrisy and various other un-good Google aspects, please contact me. If you've got a website that I like, I might link to it. Plus, if you like my website, I'd be happy if you'd link to me! And yes, I do have a please link to this site page!

I especially encourage those of us who have been alienated by Google to have reciprocal links with this site!

(I won't enter into search engine cheating schemes. I want links that actually do some good, with websites that have real material written from knowledge).

Also note that Google is not doomed yet. There are clever people at Google and they may realise the error of Google's ways before it's too late. Google might yet reform and become a decent search engine again like it used to be. In the meantime, it's not fair