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About Zyra's downloadable desktop icon page

The page of Zyra's desktop icon exists to solve a particular problem where a computer in a cyber cafe has no direct visitable link to the World Wide WEB!

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Zyra's Internet website

This page will automatically relink in 5 seconds to Zyra's interesting website which is an online resource where you can look up almost Everything in an A-Z list.


The page was originally created to help those friendly people at the Balmoral Hotel who had kindly provided guests with free Internet in their business services suite, but the computer desktop was without any direct links to the WEB. So, I created the Zyra Link page which is for the purpose of downloading and saving onto the desktop, so providing a direct link to the web.

How to do it: You'll have to be quick, as the page relinks. But here is the method:

1. Visit the page zyralink.htm

2. Quickly, before it relinks, do FILE and then SAVE AS and press return/Enter ... If there's no FILE EDIT VIEW / SAVE AS, etc, see How to get full set of Browser Bars!

3. Check to make sure the icon has saved on the computer's desktop ... If it saves into MY DOCUMENTS it needs picking up and hauling across into the desktop. Easy.

A few points of explanation about the page:

* The reason why the page has http links in it rather than relative page links is because it has to work as a page marooned on a computer's desktop, so the links have to be specifically to pages on the Internet rather than to relative locations.

* There are no decorative images on the actual zyralink page, because if there were then when you saved the page these would end up cluttering up the computer's desktop. There are plenty of pages in Zyra's website with lots of interesting images!You can link to ZYRA from here

* The original machine this page was designed around had Microsoft XP on it and a lot of the features were disabled, for example there was no right click on desktop items, no in-machine file search, no access to the main disc drives, etc. So, if this method seems a bit clumsy, you have to understand it had to work even in those conditions. (The Mk1 version was created with the options set to have a Spanish keyboard even though the keyboard itself wasn't actually a Spanish keyboard)

* This explanation about all the stuff about the page had to go on this separate page as it would have been silly to try to include it in the actual page, which is just a basic introduction and a relink

* The downloadable desktop icon page itself is zyralink

That's a favicon.ico* It is possible to use a special custom icon rather than the standard one. To do this, download Zyra's favicon.ico and save it, and then set the desktop icon's own shortcut icon to be it. On some machines this can be done, but on others (with no right-click), this is a bit more difficult.

* The end result is good, as it WORKS! It's functional, and gives people arriving in the office a chance to get directly onto the WEB. It also shows off Zyra's website!ZYRA's website www.zyra.org.uk

* The reason why the page has such a strange title, "Zyra's Internet website" is so that when the icon exists on the desktop, people can immediately recognise it's the only object with the word INTERNET on it, so that is the obvious choice. Makes sense.

* In case you hadn't guessed, Zyra's website is www.zyra.org.uk