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Internet services

Bravenet - Webmaster utilities

Backup 360 - Backup your files online

NetAway - International Roaming Internet Connection

Shop Builder - Shop Builder is an e-commerce shopping cart solution aimed at anyone that wants to sell online. (awin)

Gator - Gone! - a broadband speed testing service, where you can find out how fast your Broadband is.

LinkChecker - Part of the AnyBrowser site which lets webmasters check static pages for broken links.

Also thanks to Roy at - lets you check for broken links and checks a page for being valid html.

For checking a whole website rather than just a page at a time, see Xenu's Link Sleuth or (gone)

Also worth having a look at is Netcraft, who will give you uptime figures for web sites. Have a look at this:

My site's uptime, and... Top uptime stats, where you can find your uptime

Then there's Vertain, where you can test the Speed of your website hosting.

And also which will tell you what IP address you are using to look at the Internet.

Now that IPV6 is progressing, see