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Attix5 - Backup360

Data Backup Solutions - "If you don't backup your data you might as well pack up your business!"

Attix5 - backup your data!"An exciting new user-friendly on-line service called backup360 is now available enabling you to easily backup your critical PC data and recover it anytime from anywhere. From under 15 pence a day, you can stop worrying about the every day risks to your critical data and get rid of the hassle and expense involved with backup to tapes or CDs. backup36R allows you to keep more personal or work documents on your PC and laptop, knowing that backup copies are stored safely and securely at a remote location yet immediately available at anytime if you need to recover a file. backup36R also supports web access to documents held in backup, which allows you to easily recover a document while using someone else's computer".

"If you don't backup your data you might as well pack up your business!" - excellent tagline!

http://www.backup360.com/ affiliate program () has now gone! Of course you're welcome to type the URL in, but we're hoping that a new affiliate program will be set up. If you know where this is to be, please write in and say. In the meantime, I'd suggest you buy an extra hard disc drive and keep it in a safe. Here's a place where you can buy a safe: Safe Options! Or, if it's too late and you've lost your data and you're wondering how you can get it back, here's a useful idea: Data Recovery

Special paranoid note: If you want to backup your confidential business information it's most likely completely safe at Attix5, however if you've got anything really naughty to back-up, you should consider encrypting it using Linux strong encryption to make it difficult for spies to get it!