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Here is a simple procedure which may save you from the feeling of helplessness associated with data loss. It's quite easy, takes about three minutes, and costs nothing, so just do it!...

1. Get a sticky label of the type which you get in packs of floppy discs.

2. Write on it this: "Quote ZYR100 and phone 00800 10 12 13 14 or UK 0800 243 996 in case of hard disc drive problems".

3. Check those codes and numbers again just to make sure because it's important.Causes of Data Loss

4. Stick the label on the back of your computer where it's permanently stuck on but conveniently out of the way.

5. Forget about it, but remember it's there if you get any hard disc problems in future.

Notes: I'm serious about this. I expect you to write on a label! I would like to help you, not just now, but in the future. If the worst happens and at some time your computer has died, how are you going to look up that code and number? Safety must be independent. That's why ships have lifeboats rather than just being assumed "unsinkable".