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Data Recovery by
Kroll Ontrack

The experts at Ontrack Data Recovery Services can recover data even from computers and hard disc drives which were apparently dead. If your computer has catastrophically failed or your hard disc drive has suffered a terrible deletion,Hard Disc virus attack, error in format, or some mysterious loss of data where the disc drive has died, Kroll Ontrack is the place to go. If you think you've lost your data, don't panic! It may be RECOVERABLE. Let's be realistic about this; Data recovery is not cheap. The experts in white coats are likely to operate on your stricken hard disc drive in a laboratory with clean room conditions, like an operating theatre. As with private medical surgery, you should expect to pay for their expertise and for the use of high-techHard Disc equipment required to perform a precision job. With a hard disc drive this could cost as much as £1000, although it's likely to be less, but surely your lost data is priceless!? So, if you can get it recovered at Ontrack for £400-£500 (mid-range estimate) that would be a bargain, wouldn't it? Visit Kroll Ontrack

I can recommend Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery Service as I have personal experience of a data loss and recovery. My hard disc drive suffered SUDDEN DEATH and yet it was resurrected by Ontrack! Here's my story: How I Got My Data Back - a customer testimonial.

As well as Data Recovery Services where your hard disc drive is sent to the disc drive hospital and surgically opened up in laboratory conditions to recover the data, there's also Data Recovery Software which is more ofExperts in white coats an expert at-home approach if the damage is less severe and the disc drive still goes round. Note: If your disc drive has been on fire or has been fished out of the lake, go for the Data Recovery Services!

I opted for slowest option, 5 working days turnaround time. But if you need to get your data back sooner, and it's an emergency, you can opt for one of several faster options, of different levels of price and urgency. For example, 12-24 hours turnaround time. If it's a dire emergency and you need terabytes of data recovering within an hour, even this is not impossible! See this: Terabyte.htm

Here's a helpful quote: "At Ontrack Data Recovery Services™, we realise that losing data can be a stressful and sometimes overwhelming experience. Months or even years worth of work, finances,Hard Disc digital photographs and more can seemingly disappear in an instant. With electronic data becoming one of the most valued assets any organisation or individual posses, Ontrack provides you with the solutions to save precious time and money when a data loss situation occurs. Whatever your data loss situation is we can help. // As you know, data recovery is the process of salvaging data stored on damaged media such as hard drives and tapes. As the market pioneer and world leader in data loss solutions, Ontrack has helped over 150,000 customers recover their lost data. With the use of proprietary tools and techniques, we find that in the vast majority of cases the data is recoverable".Hard Disc

As well as my own story there are other Customer Testimonials which are worth reading.

If you take your laptop computer travelling there are various hazards which you can avoid, such as it ending up at the bottom of the deep end of the hotel swimming pool, or getting the sand of a tropical beach inside the gubbins of the machine, or your secret data being stolen by the behaviour of the cyber cafe printer. See Travel Hazards and How to avoid them. Plus, if the worst happens, Ontrack can most likely salvage your data. You can maximise your chances of a good recovery by knowing a few key things in advance.

The important thing to realise about data loss is: Never assume data is lost! Don't panic. Just pack the disc drive in a well-padded box and send it off to the experts at Ontrack Data Recovery. They'll tell you how much it'll cost and then after everything's agreed you will generally get your recovered data back again, and it needn't take long.

At Ontrack they say: "Never assume that lost data is permanently destroyed. Always check with a qualified Data Recovery expert. Ontrack findings indicate that data is recoverable in the majority of cases. We can recover lost data from hardware or system malfunction, human error, software corruption or program malfunction, computer viruses and natural disasters".

I have a personal belief which takes this idea a bit further, maybe to extremes, but remember this is my belief and not necessarily that of Ontrack Data Recovery Services: Resurrection by Science

Also worth knowing:

* Ontrack can open up a disc drive and peel off "void if removed" stickers, and they are so trusted by the hard disc drive manufacturers that they are allowed to do this without voiding the manufacturer's warranty!Big Systems "Ontrack is authorised by manufacturers such as Fujitsu, IBM, Quantum, Samsung, Seagate and Western Digital to open the seal on any of their hard drives without voiding the manufacturer's warranty".

* Ontrack can sometimes recover data even in cases where some other companies have already tried and failed.

* Ontrack can sometimes recover data even if Microsoft has mangled it up.

* The Ontrack business has been around for over twenty years, and the founders solved a vexing problem in the old days, of how to have disc drives bigger than the Twenty Megabyte Winchester.Data Recovery

* All types and media are catered for: Dos, Windows, Linux, Apple Mac, Unix, HP, DEC, IBM, and others. Multi-boot systems with diverse partitions can be recovered. Hard disk, optical disks, removable disks, flash media, multi-drive volumes and RAID systems, as well as every type of tape including DAT, Travan, Exabyte, DLT, AIT and more.

* Now that CF compact flash cards, SD cards, pen drives, and other fancy pocket data storage gizmos have been invented, Kroll Ontrack are in the business of mending them too. If you've lost your data (photos etc) which was on an SD card, CF drive, or other memory stick card, you may be heartened to hear that in a daring experiment at Kroll Ontrack, data was recovered from memory cards that had been dunked in cola, run over by a skateboard, and nailed to a tree. So, don't meddle with it; drop your memory card into a padded bag and send it to Kroll Ontrack before anything else goes wrong!

Data RecoveryData Recovery"For nearly 20 years, Ontrack Data Recovery Services has been the world leader in recovering electronic data lost due to hardware malfunctions, software corruption, virus attacks and human error".

Before you follow the link to Kroll Ontrack, please be aware that expert data recovery is expensive, with diagnosis costing a minimum of £75 and recovery costing a minimum of £495+vat. But then again, YOUR DATA is worth more than that!

Link here for Ontrack, the hard drive recovery experts!

http://www.ontrack.co.uk/datarecovery/servicequote.asp?PartnerID=ZYR100 and now http://www.ontrackdatarecovery.co.uk/data-recovery-quote/index.aspx?PartnerID=ZYR100 independent affiliate program

If you are not in dire need of emergency recovery now, it's worth knowing that the problem can happen to anyone and you could save yourself some suffering in future by means of this procedure: Insurance against permanent data loss in hard disc drive failure

Causes of Data LossCauses of data loss:

Hardware failure 44%

Human error 32%

Software malfunctions 14%

Virus 7%

Natural Disasters 3%

Solutions to data loss: Visit Ontrack