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Kroll OnTrack Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery SoftwareIn some of the cases of data loss, the actual data is still on the hard disc, but inaccessible. Ontrack Data Recovery Software can sometimes recover the data without the need for sending the drive off for data recovery services to perform physical recovery from the disc drive in laboratory conditions. Another option is remote data recovery, which is a software based data recovery strategy performed at a distance to achieve the fastest data recovery possible.

Data recovery software can undelete files even if they seem to have been totally erased, and can reassemble databases and data structures of many types in use these days. However, if the problem is more hardware oriented, where the drive is physically damages, Ontrack also provide data recovery services where near miraculous data recoveries can be performed.

Ontrack Computer Systems was established in 1985 when hard disc drives were measured in tens of megabytes. The company has pioneered some of the developments which have made large disc drives possible. So, it's not surprising that some of the clever solutions in use can recover data which was "lost".

Data Recovery SoftwareOntrack: "Since January 1999 Ontrack has offered an inexpensive software solution for data loss that does not require the assistance of an engineer. EasyRecovery (formerly Tiramisu), a "do-it-yourself" data recovery software, allows computer users access to a cost-effective data recovery solution. An additional benefit of the product is that the software minimizes the risk of causing further damage to data".

If you are looking for data recovery software, here's the place to go:

Ontrack Data Recovery Software Solutions

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