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Bravenet offers a great many free site tools for webmasters. Chat rooms, hit counters, vote casters, and all kinds of clever html/java tricks. So, if you're building websites it's well worthwhile joining Bravenet. There is a lot of useful stuff available, and there is a lot to learn.

You can even have your own webspace (free) at Bravenet (but it does have advertising on it). A test-page demo of this could be seen at www.zyra.mybravenet.com before it disappeared.

To link to Bravenet and join the Bravenet Members and Affiliate System, you can link from this next page.

Bravenet has recently (2002/03) declared independence from BeFree. Well done to Bravenet!

Link here to go to BRAVENET...

link here for Bravenet

link here for Bravenet

Bravenet.com - Free Web Tools for Webmasters

www.bravenet.com affiliate program no longer with BeFree and is now OFF THEIR OWN BAT