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Caution! There is a fault here. I have received a hard-to-believe message entitled "stremlining" which suggests that this site has been kicked out of the Affiliate Recruiters program, either because the web creator's house is in a locality which is prejudiced against (the folly of this is explained in the page "Regionalisation") or because no leads were generated BEFORE the advertising was released (which if you think about it would be expecting a bit much!). I have written several (polite) e-mails to BeFree.com advising against such misguided strategies. I await a sensible response. However, in the meantime, I suggest potential new affiliates sign up with other companies which are listed on my Page of Affiliate Marketing Companies. Note: Competition is the essence of good business. Avoid anything which tries to restrict FREEDOM OF CHOICE. See: Why there is no affiliate program with Barnes & Noble on this site. Note: BeFree has long since been taken over by Commission Junction

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If you are are interested in making money from advertising on a website, BeFree is worth having a good look at. More about this later on here.

BeFree.com's affiliate program is under the flag of AFFILIATE RECRUITERS. To link to the company, it would help me if you enable cookies when looking at this next page, so I can get my commission for being good for business.

Link here: BeFree.com's Affiliate Recruiters

Special cautionary note: When joining any merchant affiliate program, always read ALL the contract and make sure you know about what's in it. Some companies have some very odd conditions in the contracts, for example see Why there is no affiliate program with Barnes & Noble on this site


Of all the decisions made by affiliate marketing companies, the mistake made by BeFree of expelling this site from their own affiliate program (with themselves, which is done in-house, so it doesn't cost anything to run, and doesn't save anything to cut) has to be monumentally the worst ever. Since then, because of a loss of confidence in what BeFree have done, we've signed up with no new affiliate programs there, and yet have signed up with in excess of five hundred at other companies in all. See OTHER AFFILIATE MARKETING COMPANIES

Historical Note: BeFree was later taken over by Commission Junction, who we get on well with!