Yes, it's still possible to write in the margins, either to the left...

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Test page for Borders (2)
Experiment 2 : This time making it fit any screen size

That's interesting. Now this should work on any size of monitor in any browser with any screen resolution. With the border image sliced up into three pieces and put into separate TABLE elements. The key thing with this was to make the left and right TD items fixed to a width in pixels but to allow the centre TD to resize automatically to whatever space was remaining. It's actually auto-repeating horizontally. Also note that the cellpadding has to be taken into account when defining the fixed left and right border sizes, by subtracting it twice from the width of the actual image.

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Also see how to get a website, which as well as having a showy picture frame all the way around, also explains the important facts about how to get a website!

What's important is what you write, not the flashiness of the web design.

Experimental pages including these new borders include free downloads, Stamps, Film Companies, and of course this page itself!

...or to the right, where it's just jotted into the margin. Fermat, a famous maths guru, once wrote a brilliant theory but said there wasn't enough room in the margin to write the proof. Maths experts puzzled for a century at least on how it could have been proved!