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Test page for BORDERS

globe of the worldThis is what it looks like when a page has BORDERS added. This is part of an experiment following on from a helpful suggestion by a correspondent to this site. Although there are a few pages such as Get a Website which have a fancy display type of a thing about them, many pages at Zyra's website were typically plain html with the star quality being in the style of the content rather than the display. The initial helpful comment came in about the page How to Run Your Own Business which had done rather well in being Number1 on Google for that term.

The red/blue border scheme on this particular page was a free item by FG-A as featured at the page of free downloads. They also have a great many curious items such as that rotating globe of the earth which you see all over the place, and they're happy for you to use them as long as you give them a credit and a link. Sounds fair enough!

I think this works quite well, having the borders fitted like this, but there is a snag: It assumes a screen resolution size. In this case, it's assumed to be 800 across. Well, what if it's not? Many different computers around the world have different screen sizes, so it would look different on different screens. On smaller resolution screens it would not all fit on the screen, and on larger resolution it would give an odd impression of being constrained to a narrow strip in the middle. Perhaps there's a solution by splitting it up and stretching the components to fit the sizes of the boxes of table elements in percent terms. Let's give that a go! Border experiment 2

This page has been displaced by the new page for BORDERS which is a shop!

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