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Free stuff, downloads, etc

  Huge amounts of downloadables at...


Free GIFs and Animations


Mbop Megastore




Unlimited MP3 downloads at WIPPIT

GRSites.net - gone?

Stuff 4 Nowt.co.uk - http://www.stuff4nowt.co.uk - gone?

Flos Freeware - the home of Notepad2

Flags of the World


Freebiers Club.co.uk - was www.freebiersclub.co.uk

Descargas Soft4Click Colombia

www.allfree.gr - gone?

2getStuff <= astonishing claims!

Free Stuff Share.com

Free Stuff 4 Net.com - was http://www.freestuff4net.com/

www.1001freebies.co.uk - gone

Win Drivers .com - free Windows drivers

Driver Guide

Drivers HQ


www.BizForms.com - includes free flags of the world download

RPM Find - free Linux packages & drivers


Free Stuff Center (That's "CENTER" (USA) not "CENTRE" (UK) if you're typing in the URL)

Free Graphic Land

FSF.org - However, also see Warning About The Free Software Foundation

Project Gutenberg - free books

Matt's Script Archive

Freaky Freddie's Free Funhouse


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Also see Shareware and Software. Incidentally, the image used on the border of this page is shareware and was created at this site as part of the borders experiment.