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Some of the icons on this site are available as SHAREWARE

You may use them on your site FREE, copy them, give them away, and if you'd like to make a contribution

to show your appreciation and/or help the furthering of a good range of quality software being available here,

please send a FAIR sum of <what you think it's worth> to: c/o Zyra, at the shareware office address. Cheques payable to Zyra's Bazaar.

Feel free to distribute this software, but make sure you include THIS PAGE so people whoe-mail postbox

get the software several down the line will know where to send contributions to!

globe of the world oscilloscope books trophy . Linux penguin (which is required to remain free)CDdustbin (trash can)video game machineRoadworks sign (suitable for website construction in progress)cdankhglobe of the worldquestion


hotlineAnkhBush radioflask

The principle of SHAREWARE isn't limited to pictures and software, and among other things there are:

Shareware Inventions


Shareware SOUNDS

and the Philosophy of Direct Drive

and even some Medical findings

Plus, this crazy theory which might be a Unified Theory of Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Also see BBC BASIC

and the lottery lucky number program Probabilistic Magic

More Shareware Icons on the 2nd page >