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Also see BBC Computer 32K and Shareware


What's really good about BBC Basic is that it is possible to learn to program computers without having to be a techno fundamentally. If you know nothing of computer programming you can learn on the BBC Basic language interpreter, with a BBC Computer manual and by having a go. This "having a go" is essentially a NO RISK business. If you make a simple mistake it will NOT blow up, crash, or mysteriously rearrange the system settings. So you can play with the programming and not worry about causing any damage.

BBC Basic could be acquired in the 1980s by buying a BBC Computer, which initially cost almost four hundred pounds sterling. These days (2000/11) you can not get a BBC Computer unless you know a good antique shop that happens to have one. And modern PCs are often sadly lacking in programming environments. However, you can now get BBC Basic for the PC for fifty pounds as a full version, or get a working demo version FREE.

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If you have a go at learning to program in BBC Basic this way, it will give you a very good start at structured programming, Linux C then becoming a good idea.

Take a look at the website of Richard Weston for some free downloadable BBC BASIC programs and tuition in the art of computer programming.

Also see BRANDY - BBC Basic for Linux, RiscOS, BSD, Amiga, Mac OSX, Dos and Windows under DJGPP and even Wince! :

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