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BBC Basic on the PC by Richard Russell is a proper programming language. It is not a BBC Computer emulator, and is more practical than nostalgic. It has the same kind of controls and is just as easy to use, but is much more powerful.

For the FULL VERSION, and a lot of other interesting products, Link to Richard Russell's site. You can download the demo FREE. The demo version is fully working except for the limit on the memory, which is 8K on the demo. This means that programs you write on the demo will work properly and run just as well but will have to be relatively smaller.

Download the demo version of BBC BASIC (86) from THIS SITE

Or download demo version of BBC BASIC (86) from Richard Russell's site

Or go to download BBC BASIC for WINDOWS from Richard Russell's site

Or download BBC Basic for LINUX:

[It is a good guess that BBC Basic interpreter BRANDY also works on the Apple MAC]

You'll also need the BOOK, which is available on-line on Richard Russell's site, and may be available as a .TXT file. The book explains programming step-by-step and is well worthwhile. Physical copies of the book are also available, but I am not sure where from.

Take a look at the website of Richard Weston for some free downloadable BBC BASIC programs and tuition in the art of computer programming.

BBC Basic is a good way to start programming. Another way is to go for Gnu C (gcc) in Linux, but this is more tricky to start with and definitely requires one of those easy to follow books which are available.

If you are having a go at learning to program, then GOOD LUCK!