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Shareware Inventions

and other good ideas...

The problem with being an inventor is that it is almost impossible to get any money because of the way the Patent Office works. You think up a great idea but then you're expected to pay out a lot of money for a patent and even then someone can take it away. For more about the inventing business see Inventor Resources. However, here's a good idea: Apply the principle of Shareware to inventions. Shareware works by everyone having a copy if they want, and then those who are generous make contributions. This is great because it will allow more people to have access to the ideas and not having to subsidise bureaucracy. It also allows potential recognition for ideas some of which are unpatentable because the rules are too restrictive.

The rules here are simple. If an invention is classed as Shareware you may use it yourself freely. If you'd like to make a contribution to the inventor (* recommended *) then please do so, and the added incentive will encourage future inventiveness!

* Chairside video recorder

* Portable hard drive

* Toilet radio

* Shareware Inventions

* Very Quiet fishtank

* Handy alternative garden ornaments

* Penguin-Keys

* Doubletaker / CatCam

* Electric car windows that aren't dangerous

* "Shiptime" jetlag-prevention system

  Street-Cred Enhanced Hearing-Aid

* Museum Lighting

* Inflight entertainment on plane includes front facing CCTV camera view

* Picture-Out-Picture videorecorder control

  All Speakers are Microphones

* Additional features for a GPS Watch

* Alternative SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) LightBox

* Stretchy String

  Alternative to office postage franking machines

* Method for converting tape counter units to time

* High Frequency Fluorescent Lamp

* Improvement to the Mousetrap - Is that a "better mousetrap?"!

* Pagan Clock

* Econometer

* Alternative Bird Hide

* Revivo

* Density Scales

* Inertial 3D Body Scanner

* Sleep Radio

* anti-Facebook spying eliminator

* Shallow Water Blackout prevention system

* Unicycle that anyone can ride

* Eelgrass Friendly Mooring Buoys

* 2 movies in 1 room - for when you want to be in the same room but watch different movies

* Shop Windows that can't be smashed in

Items marked with a "*" are shareware inventions.

There are a set of other things being invented here which are not shareware, but terms can be arranged on a commercial basis. If your company is in the business of making money by using new ideas, please send a non-disclosure agreement and we'll see what we can do!