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Alternative Bird Hide
How to hide in plain site and be "invisible" to birds

I discovered this unusual principle a while ago, and I think that it may be possible to use this as a method to be hidden from birds. Normally, a bird hide is a tent or shed or other enclosed box in which bird watchers may conceal themselves so birds can not see them while at the same time they may see the birds. It's easy to see how this works, because when you look at the bird hide with people inside it, you can't see any people. Humans can't see humans, so birds can't see humans, the principle makes perfect sense. However the principle I discovered it more odd. I'll explain...

I am a crazy eccentric person who doesn't feel the need to throw away stuff just because there's no immediate good reason for keeping it, and I see no reason to have a tidy garden. Therefore, I have a garden which is full of junk. It's like a scrapyard, with interesting bits and pieces of technology strewn about, and I know where things are. Any person looking at this garden can clearly see it's a garden full of junk, a variety of junk at that.

One of the things about wild birds is that they are a bit shy of humans just in case the humans might ensnare them, catch them, bake them into a pie, or otherwise mistreat them. So, in most gardens, birds stay well clear if they can see any people in the garden.

What I noticed was unusual about my garden was that if I stood there surrounded by junk, birds would venture quite near to me, provided I stayed still. If I had the patience I could sit there on one of the derelict electrical appliances and get some close-up shots of common garden birds.

Precisely why this works is something that's unknown, but my theory is that the brain of a bird does not have the same pattern matching system as that of the human, so even though people could easily see me in the garden in amongst the junk, birds could not see me! It was as if I was camouflaged, as if I was somehow indistinguishable from the surrounding terrain, at least from birds' perspective!

You can see how this would work if the garden happened to be strewn with showroom dummies in unusual outfits, however it is not. The items are more like the remains of cars, electrical appliances, various unusual scientific experiments, all kinds of technical stuff. However it is a complex and multicoloured terrain, and maybe birds just can't make enough sense of it to determine that there's a live person sitting there in amongst the stuff.

Whether this idea can ever be used to good effect, to effectively hide in plain sight and yet be invisible to avians is another matter, but it's certainly an interesting observation, at least as good as the one about cats and their night vision. So, worth including in the list of shareware inventions. The fact is that different creatures see the world differently, not just visually but at an interpretation level.

If I was going to be paranoid about it I could suggest that aliens could hide in plain view on earth and not be seen by humans. They'd be in your field of view but you'd ignore them because of the way your head processes incoming visual information.

However, back with the birds, you may like to try some experiments into this theory. To have a garden that's as junkfilled as mine isn't easy, but there may be other terrains which are similar enough to try. It has to be somewhere that has a high level of complexity to it, and then somehow the birds can't see you. Interesting, don't you think?