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Typically feathered flying creatures that lay eggs. Birds have evolved to occupy a wide variety of niches in the natural world. It has been speculated that birds originally evolved from small dinosaurs that survived the asteroid impact.

Anyway, here are some helpful bird-related items at this site:

RSPB - Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Haiths - Master seed makers for birds both wild and tame.RSPB

Pet food and accessories are available from Pet Planet

Everything for your feathered friends and more from Wild Birds Unlimited

World Wildlife Fund - yes, they like to save various species of bird from extinction. It's a place where you can ADOPT A PENGUIN.

Blue Cross - Finding new homes for unwanted pets and stray animalsChicken

Pet Insurance - general animal cover policy

Linux - operating system whose symbol is a penguin

Penguin - booksPenguin symbol of Linux

Falconry - the natural instincts of the bird of prey put to use

Why do you never see any Baby Pigeons? - the mystery explained
A Pigeon can switch on a Streetlamp - photo showing this happening

Bird-X - Get rid of those pesky birds humanely!

Bird Food.co.uk - CJ Wildlife helping you to attract more birds to your garden.

Perky Pet - Bird Feeders!Bird on a Nest

Save the Albatross - the albatross really should be saved, you know!

Pelicans and Flamingos - in London Zoo


Chicken welfare - chickens and eggs produced ethically with humane conditions. Provenance of eggs, etc.

How to hypnotise a chicken - method explained.

The Easy Parrot System - it's a Parrot Taming System in a book. How to tame a parrot. "Discover How To Stop Your Bird Biting, Screaming And Feather Plucking. And How To Take Proper Care Of Your Feathered Friend" - helping Bird Owners Solve Their Desperate Problems. - was http://zyra1.ttpcom.hop.clickbank.net and http://www.thetameparrot.com/cb/?hop=zyra1Humming Bird

Black Vulture - large tropical bird, and not a fussy eater.

How to catch a bird that has come down the chimney - technique explained.

Rhea - large flightless bird, like an emu. See Rhea Egg and how to cook it.

Alternative bird hide - birds can't see you in a garden that's complex enough.

Humming Bird picture - as part of Circular Newsletter 90.

Bird's Nest - some wildlife photography! Story in detail.

Penguin feeding time at London Zoo - another curious photo

Billy's BirdWatching - holidays in Spain - was www.billysbirdwatching.com

Garden Bird - bird table

Bird Food - how to stop the squirrels eating it